Whether it is for a move, or to store items long-term, storage solutions can offer you that little bit of extra room that you need. However, before you head out to find the nearest self-storage unit for hire, you should also weigh up the pros and the cons of the different storage options you may come across.
We all know that moving can be stressful, but exactly how stressful? Well, according to a new study, moving your home and belongings is one of the most stressful life events.
You wanna know what else is stressful? Having too many things and nowhere to put them. Researchers have proven that being faced with clutter raises our cortisol levels pretty much instantly. 
Bottom line: If you’re moving, or struggling with too much stuff and too little space, you are likely to feel stressed out. 
Read on as we take a look at the main types of storage so that you can get your stuff housed asap. 

Fortunately, we have a hack for both of these problems. Enter storage solutions.

It doesn’t get more hassle- and sweat-free than that!

Long-Term Storage Solutions

Most storage businesses offer both long- and short-term storage. 

Before you start looking for a storage option, estimate roughly how long you want to store your stuff. This will help you find the best rates for your needs. 

When looking at long-term storage solutions, ensure that you find out exactly what the terms are. Some storage locations lock their customers into contracts, which means that if for some reason you want to move your stuff sooner than expected, you will still need to pay for the rest of the term stated in the contract. 

We, on the other hand, do not do this. Here at Lockable Store, we offer flexible storage with no hidden contracts or fees. 

Short-Term Storage Solutions

If you merely wish to store your stuff for a few days or weeks, then short-term storage will be the solution for you. When it comes to looking for short-term storage solutions, you will want to make sure that the facility you choose provides easy access to your self-storage unit.

This is particularly important if you planning to visit the storage unit multiple times to select items to take to your new home or to sell. 

All of our storage units are convenient and easy to access, and you can visit them whenever you want.

We provide 24/7 access to storage units, meaning that you can pop in whenever you want. If you feel like dropping by at 11 pm, no problem. What’s more, our facility is guarded around the clock, so your safety is always ensured. 

Outdoor Storage

Another thing to choose between is indoor vs outdoor storage. 

Outdoor storage doesn’t mean that your stuff is literally outdoors. However, it does mean that your storage unit will be outside, freestanding, and not contained in a building. 

There are a couple of disadvantages to these types of storage units. Firstly, because the units are outside, they can get very hot during the daytime. As these units generally do not have much insulation, the inside will also get relatively cold at night if the units are situated away from the coastal side of Dubai. 

Another drawback to outdoor storage units is that you won’t be protected from the weather when you want to visit them. Here in Dubai, rain showers and snowstorms are of course not an issue—however, dealing with the scorching sun while going in and out of your unit can be pretty uncomfortable. 

There is one advantage of outdoor storage. Depending on the facility, you might be able to drive up to the unit with your vehicle to offload stuff. 

However, if you choose to go with our storage solutions, this won’t be necessary, as we pick up and store all of your items for you, making for hassle-free and fast moves! 

Indoor Storage

Now let’s take a look at indoor storage. Indoor storage units are located within a building and you access them via corridors. 

The units have the advantage that they are more protected from the elements than outdoor storage units. Because of this they typically do not get as hot or as cold. This means that your items are safe from temperature swings.

Accessing the self-storage unit is also more comfortable. Here in Dubai going into an outdoor storage unit during the day can feel like you have just walked into an oven!

Indoor storage units are also safer as they are more easily protected by the facility. Here at Lockable Storage all of our units in indoors and guarded 24/7. 

You won’t have to battle the heat to get to our units. Simply park, enter our facility, and head on over to your unit in the comfort of our temperature-controlled environment. 

Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Some storage units are also temperature-controlled. This can be of great benefit, as not only will you be more comfortable while accessing your belongings, but any items you store in the unit will be safer from temperature-related damage as well. 

Some items, such as electronics, wooden and leather furniture, appliances, stamp collections, wine, pianos and other instruments, photos, and artwork, can be damaged if exposed to high temperatures such as those in outdoor storage units in Dubai.

This is one of the reasons why all of our self-storage units are located indoors, and we have temperature control throughout all of our facilities. We want our customers to be comfortable and their belongings to be in perfect condition when they take them out of storage.  

Extras Services

Another thing to look for in storage solutions is extra services. 

For example, we offer our customers an affordable and convenient pickup option. We come to your house and pick up everything you want to be placed in storage. We then transport the items to your unit and unpack them for you. 

Need a truck for hire? You may also rent any type of truck for a move, single trip, or for an entire day as well

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Come and Check Out Our Storage Solutions

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best storage solutions possible. Not only are we focused on top quality service and storage, but we also work systematically to keep costs down so that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get your things safely stored. 

If you would like to use our facilities, you can call us on our 24-hour hotline, request a quote, or stop by one of our locations. We look forward to seeing you.